Our Services


Fire and Smoke

 We are armed with state-of-the-art fire restoration equipment that can clean and get rid of smoke and soot, as well as prevent other fire-related damages from developing. Additionally, our fully licensed and certified restoration teams are trained to work quickly and efficiently. With TCB Restoration taking care of the damage, your property will return to its pre-loss condition in no time. 


Water Damage

If you have residential or commercial water damage, call TCB Restoration for fast, efficient, courteous emergency services. We have the equipment, experience, and expert technicians to remove the water and properly dry your property, fully restoring any damage and mitigating further loss. We have decades of experience in water damage repair in Northern California. When you choose TCB Restoration, you can trust your property will be in good hands


Mold Remediation


You’ve probably read stories about “toxic” mold and the danger this infestation can pose to your home. However, even if the mold you find in your home isn’t the kind that’s considered toxic, it’s still important to think about mold remediation.

If you get to mold early, sometimes you can prevent the spread and growth with some simple cleansers, but mold isn’t always so easy to catch. Too often, mold growth starts where you can’t see it, such as in the attic, and the mold grows unabated for months until you realize something’s wrong. That’s when TCB Restoration can go to work.